Sunday, 9 August 2015

Youtubers I love #3 - Andrew's Games Display

Andrew's Games Display (2013-)

Andrew from Canada is a video game collector who focusses on Nintendo products but has hardware and games all the way back to Pong consoles. Apart from showcasing his collection he also Let's plays a multitude of different retro games, mostly random-game-of-the-day-style.

Andrew's about the nicest guy you could meet on the internet, and very knowledgable about all stuff retro. He was active in the SMW hacking scene, and my dream is to one day play a hack with him co-op style over the internet. ^^

Go check him out now!!!

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  1. So today Milesluigi and I were talking about the old YouTube messaging system, so I decided to go back and give it a look to see what kind of things I had received back in the day. While looking through the spam folder, I came across a message that you once sent me regarding this blog post (I suppose it ended up in the spam folder because your message contained a link). So here I am, almost two years late!!

    Thank you so much for all of the super kind things that you said about me. I really appreciate them, and I hope that you have been doing well. It's good to see that you are still keeping up with your blog! :)

    Take care,