Monday, 15 June 2015

My blog!

Hey, I'm Thomas from Austria and this is my blog. Took me years (literally) to finally get going with this, but now I'm ready. My blog will feature anime/manga & tv/movie reviews, showing off my various collections and random other stuff, complementing my youtube channel which I'll start putting content on too in the near future. (soon for real?)

By the way, this blog is about how I see the world, so I certainly can't claim to be unbiased against my certain pet peeves and also about things I advocate.

SPOILERS all reviews/rants/everything else naturally contain SPOILERS

Also, all copyright is retained by the orginal owners, any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental, my online personality LMTR14 does not necessarily legally resemble my own opinions as a natural person and all the other good stuff that keeps my head over water when things get controversial. ^^ 

This blog runs under the non-profit principle, so if you want your image properly credited or removed, just contact me and I'll do it right away.



PS: I explicitely disavow all posts I have made on Youtube under the name LMTR14. Youtube always only has been for venting anger and swearing at people for liking different things ;-)
It's certainly not a place for reasonable discussion, so many of my posts there were never meant to be taken seriously. For all intents and purposes, I stand only behind the facts and opinions expressed on this blog with my name.

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