Wednesday, 29 July 2015

...and RIP (in) Path of Exile too

DEAD tired of the ridiculous damage spikes

Well, I've been having some bad gaming experiences lately. First the LoL atrocity, and now that I've died for a second time in Path of Exile's current hardcore league (Tempest) from a completely unreasonable one-shot, I'm pretty much out of a game to play.

My build (Sweep + Vigilant strike endurance charge sustainrauder) and gear in both cases were definitely stronger than I had ever been before, especially in a hardcore league (I used to avoid those because of my tendency to leave the computer to do something else and then die afk in the wilderness because I didn't actually go back to town *facepalm*).

-) First one-shot came at level 63 from a Haku boss in an area 6-7 levels below mine... I almost quit for the season right there. Sure I had no charges in my health flasks left (because annoyingly enough you can't tp in a master zone...), and got distracted by an annoying person, but the sudden damage output (like 100x of a regular monster) was bullshit, plain and simple.

-) The second and TRUE one-shot (from max health to death in one attack!) was delivered... by the VAAL OVERSOUL! I mean, what the fuck, I've never died from that idiot since I was a complete noob! The only thing that was not perfect in my state was that I only had like 3 endurance charges at the moment instead of my maximum 7 (cause it's hard to get your charges from a single enemy in my build - in 99.9% of situations I have multiple enemies to work with), but that was it! 3500+ health, total tank build, one fist smash I couldn't dodge due to no quicksilver charges (and I always run 2 with +charges), BAM DEAD. I literally couldn't believe that shit! (level 66)

-) So am I gonna do the whole thing again, spend 30-40 hours (or more!) to get to the level I had, build everything the same AGAIN (cause I stand firmly by the statent that my build was very much ready to reach endgame - in other words mapping), get all the same gear I had (hundreds of alts to get perfect flasks to AVOID this kind of shit death) AGAIN and get randomly raped by some other suddenly overpowered piece of shit enemy GGG programs in to "make the game more challenging"?


First, this hack and slash shit ruins my mouse hand. I've had carpal tunnel syndrome once before, and games like this are poison for my right hand. I've never had any problems while playing LoL at all, so it's the fact you have to hold down the mouse buttons for a very long time I cast the blame on, and that's unfortunately not avoidable at all in this genre.

Second, I've been banned for virtually no legit reason twice on the forums, in a very short time. The posts that DON'T cause me to get banned are virtually always ignored by other people, so that forum always has been a very negative experience for me.

I don't even want to go into all the other crippling problems PoE has, which are never ever tackled by Grinding Gear Games or even commented on, lest I would have to write 10000 words and I have better things to do with my time than say what everybody playing Path of Exile already knows themselves. So long story short, I deleted PoE (and LoL too) today. Probably will get back into playing the game once the next expansion is released, but it's so so very likely that also will be only a temporary experience once again...

...I need a new game

EDIT: Nevermind, I'm playing this 24/7 again. ^^

EDIT 2 (2.11.2015): done playing this until some new endgame system is introduced. I will never grind a map again until there is some long-term reward for it. I'm dreaming of a stronghold/land owning system, it's an idea of mine taken from old turn-based strategy games that could perfectly be integrated in this hack and slash to broaden the spectrum of the gameplay by hundreds of per cent. EDIT AD INFINITUM: and as of 4.2.2017, I'm still playing this shit... showcasing how miserable my existence is.

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