Friday, 24 July 2015

RIP League of Legends :-(

Or rather Rito too dumb to live

So, yesterday was the introduction of patch 5.14 of League of Legends. I have suffered through a lot of stupidities on Riot's side, the worst of which certainly were the Summoner's Rift update which ruined my game experience for MONTHS til I could adapt to it (the bugs didn't help, and even at the end, I was still missing at least 1 in 3 last hits due to how last hitting was fucked up with the new minions), forcing me to ARAM and later Dominion modes instead of normal play. Also, of course, the atrocious champion "updates" (more like CRAPdates), which caused me to never tough Veigar, Zilean and Ryze again after they were changed, out of pure principle. FUCK adding more skillshots to champs who didn't have them before!

But the 5.14 HUD update is the end of the line. I don't have words for how bad and UNNEEDED that shit is. I was invested heavily in LoL, emotionally, playing more than 3000 games, but with this change (and of course in typical Riot fashion it's FORCED on you, whether you want it or not) I can permanently quit the game relatively painlessly. I for one won't take Riot's shit anymore and refuse to adapt to an ugly, confusing as hell, UNWANTED HUD after more than 3000 games. Enough is enough. More people already seem to hate this, so there is a slight possibility of them giving you the option to revert to the standard UI - I would of course return to playing in this case - but I'm not banking on it. Since the competitive MOBAs are unplayable for me because of their developers I'm out of a multiplayer game now. Oh well...

EDIT: needles to say, I'm back at playing this. Deleted and reinstalled three times so far. Playing this modern garbage version of LoL is chasing the ghost of a memory, but somehow I can't completely separate myself from it.

EDIT 2: deleted again. sure hope it stays that way.

EDIT 3 (2.11.2015): well you know the drill. playing again... though only ARAM. season 6 doesn't seem to improve the flaws in Rift, so I don't think I will ever have motivation to play ranked.

My final stats:

Normal - 593 wins, 17863 takedowns, 117794 minions

Dominion - 609 wins, 19226 takedowns, 8688 points captured

ARAM - 604 wins, 32745 takedowns, 601 towers

so all platinum badges except for normal wins :-( and minions (well 200000 was a long time away)


  1. I agree - same here i stop playing

    for 2 reasons

    * the way it happens is to FORCE everyone without consultation nor alternatives
    neither customiseable HUD nor having the old as an option was hard to implement, unlike said ! real reason being that whoever was in charge wont roll it back easily...

    * there is SEVERAL bad changes and no real good one :
    by importance (main first)
    - can not really see allies health bars (soraka play ... too bad)
    - missing ping buttons (welcome new players...)
    - can not read players names anymore (we can but after a trick ...)
    - can not mute or chat to all (unless you found the trick for it ...)
    - spells current levels hard to see (gold box vs a small dot)
    - can not see your own stats correctly (need to know the keys ... colors disappeared...)
    - useful values are not at the same place (time / minions / kills / ...)
    - at the same time one area where too much is stacked making me have to dig in a bulk of values to find what we need
    - unlike they THINK my experience is i click more and scroll bottom mid than bottom left ... and that actually expose me more now - whereas the bottom left empty ... i do not care but it looks silly
    - portraits too small (cant see health - neither WHO IS IT if something is over it...)
    - old map was easier to read (my personal preference)
    - some fonts/colors are hard to read
    - too many animations for things that you do not need vs no spotlight on what you actually need (sounds for tab ???)
    - old tab window was easier t oread for me before ... all one column - important being MY CHAMP being easy to SEE vs others

    in a less important level
    - why to spotlight on range ??? i never ever cared before - you find out by shooting or being shot anyway...
    - announcer is irritating - i would like it as before instead - looks like a 5 y old game voice and comments

    i stop it here ...

    i really question the validation / QA process of this shit though

    1. hey, thanks for commenting on my blog! ^^

      yeah, I agree with all you said. that new HUD is absolutely atrocious.

      on a side note, I've always been saying I'd quit LoL if they ever ruin Teemo. guess what they do next patch... funny how things work out. taking down mushrooms to 5 min from 10 is insane. sure Teemo was very powerful in the right hands, but it's not like he was played every single game! not that they had or have a problem with overpowered pieces of shit like Ekko.

      5.15 - no annoucement of customizable HUD, then I'll delete for good.